Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY Duct Tape Wallet

Create your very own DIY Wallet. From vibrant colors to popular characters, the BYU Bookstore has duct tape to fit your own personal personality and design!

Basic Wallet Instructions:
Step One: Make a duct tape sheet that is seven inches long by four strips wide.
1. Cut a strip of duct tape that measure seven inches and lat it sticky-side-up on your work surface.
2. Roll out and cut another strip of duct tape to the same length.
3. Place the second strip sticky-side-up so it slightly overlaps the edge of the first strip.
4. Repeat steps until you have four strips overlapping.
5. Turn the sheet so the strips run vertically.
6. Cut a strip to lay across the sticky-side-up strip. Starting at the top, place the strip sticky-side-down.
7. Repeat previous step until all of the stick sides of the "bottom" strip are covered.
8. Trim Edges.

Step Two: Fold the sheet in half so you have a rectangle.

Step Three: Use a piece of tape about four inches long to seal the edge on one of the short sides of the rectangle. Trim off the extra tape.

Step Four. Fold the wallet in half so that the short sides line up. Note: Do this before taping the other side so that the wallet will fold without bulges.

Step Five: Keep the wallet in the folded position, trim any excess, and tape the other side.

You should now have your very own basic DIY cut tape wallet!

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