Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY Origami

Spend hours of fun creating your own origami animals and characters! The BYU Bookstore carries everything you need to begin your very own origami collection, your very own origami hobby.
Assorted Origami Paper. Now available at the BYU Bookstore. Only $2.89

Basic Origami Santa Clause Instructions:
Fold the paper in half to make a crease. Unfold.
Fold in the sides of the paper to meet the center crease.
Fold in the corner flips to make a crease. Unfold.
Fold in corners of the flaps to meet the previous crease.
Fold flaps at the crease.
Step fold in the top of the paper.
Step fold in the bottom of the paper.
Turn over the paper.
Fold down the top to almost meet the bottom.
Fold the top at a slant.
Fold in the sides.
Turn paper over and draw a finished Santa Clause face.

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