Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What Can You Do with a Pilot G2?

Do you doodle?

You know,
those little loopty loops in the margins of your paper, 
the comical stick figure sketches in the corner, 
or the designs you create when your supposed to be taking notes in classes or meetings...
(Shhh! It's okay, we won't tell!) 

If you are, then you are not alone! Many of us here at the BYU Bookstore are right there with you.  That's why, in honor and celebration of all the doodlers out there, we've created an exciting new contest! 


What Can You Do with a Pilot G2?

Here's the deal...
One of our employees (who is a big fan of Pilot pens) brought to our attention a discovery they had made while in class one day. They found that not only do Pilot G2 pens serve as great note-taking utensils, they also function nicely as art pens. 

Our interest was peaked.
Curiosity set in.

We had to know... was this true?

I mean, we already knew Pilot pens were awesome...if you don't believe us, take a look at this video:

But we want to know what you think!  That's why, starting March 3rd and running through March 17th, we are holding an in-store doodle competition to see what YOU can do with a Pilot G2, or any other of your favorite Pilot Products! 

Here are the rules:

Note the three categories:
1) Most Creative
2) Kid-At-Heart
3) Staff Favorite

This means you don't have to consider yourself the next Da Vinci or Michelangelo. If stick drawings are your thing, roll with it! If you're particularly good at flowers but terrible at horses, that's fine! This contest is designed for ALL types of doodlers.

Also, when you've completed your entry, feel free to come in and put it in our drop boxes placed throughout the store!

(See? We've got it set up all nice for you!)

Make sure to also check out the awesome submissions we put up online! 
You can find them on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BYUBookstore
As well as these websites:
Don't forget to vote for your favorite entry! 

As always, feel free to leave questions or comments below, we would be happy to address them! Or, if you feel like having your art displayed on our blog, let us know and we will see what we can do! 

We hope you have a splendid day, and we leave you with just one request:

Show us what you can do with a Pilot G2!


(Ready Go!)

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