Monday, June 2, 2014


Exciting things have been happening here in Provo. We at the former BYU Bookstore are excited for some big changes coming our way. We have officially changed our store name to byustore, but that's not all that's different!

Along with our new store name, we are working on an effort to rebrand, reach out, and reboot our store to better serve our guests. That's you!


Exciting things are in store with our rebrand effort. The first step is that we are now the byustore. As well as the name change, our rebrand effort will include changing the look of the store in the next few months, working to make it more convenient and updated. Additionally, we will incorporate "Value Sales" areas BOTH in the store and online, so that you get the best deal no matter how you shop! Finally, We will be sponsoring more fun events at the store to create an exciting place to visit and shop, so that you have the best experience you can!

Reach Out:

We are now participating in a full-campus initiative to make it easier for BYU products to be purchased around the world. We plan to bring many BYU products, tickets, and services all to the byustore, which will act as a central hub in order to accomodate everything you might need in one place. We also are reaching out to partner with more campus departments at BYU and to be able to support all of our campus needs.


We are updating our website to make online shopping a more exciting experience for our guests. We are also preparing to serve a world-wide campus with enhanced online capabilities developed through our new website design. 

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